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About Founder

About Founder

Entrepreneur, Property Developer and Philanthropist

“You are not just a drop in the ocean, you are an entire ocean in a drop” – Rumi

Mr. Saurabh Anand is an entrepreneur, with an impressive portfolio as a Registered Builder, Property Developer, CPA, and multi-business owner. As a first-generation migrant, he arrived in Australia as an international student in 2006, driven by a vision of achievement and prosperity.

His academic pursuits led him to obtain a Master’s degree in Accounting & Finance from LaTrobe University Melbourne. Demonstrating his dedication to professional growth and excellence, Mr. Anand became a certified Practising Accountant and registered member of CPA Australia in 2012, showcasing his expertise in financial management.

Moreover, as a Registered Building Practitioner with building licenses in each state of Australia, Mr. Anand possesses an in-depth understanding of the construction industry. His journey to success began humbly, working odd jobs as a student and eventually rising to a prominent position in a leading IT company, where he successfully managed global financial operations. Driven by his passion for building and construction, he built his first house in 2010, igniting the desire to venture into the industry when the time was right.

Beyond his professional achievements, Mr. Anand is a person of diverse interests and talents. He finds joy in playing multiple sports, such as cricket and tennis, at the club level, nurturing his competitive spirit and fostering teamwork. However, he also cherishes quiet moments spent with his family and friends, as they provide him with the necessary energy and solace.

What sets Mr. Saurabh Anand apart is his unwavering dedication to doing the right thing and motivating those around him. He derives immense satisfaction from being a guiding light, a lifeboat, and a ladder, helping others’ souls heal. Inspired by the timeless wisdom of Rumi, he embraces the philosophy of being a shepherd, nurturing and supporting those in need.

In his role as the CEO of AusWide Homes, Mr. Saurabh Anand brings his vast knowledge, experience, and passion to lead the company towards excellence. He embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship, constantly striving for growth, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Under his guidance, AusWide Homes continues to thrive, delivering exceptional homes while building lasting relationships.

In conclusion, Mr. Saurabh Anand is an extraordinary leader whose journey from a diligent student to a successful entrepreneur showcases the power of determination and hard work. With his vision, expertise, and commitment to doing good, he epitomizes the values that drive AusWide Homes to excel in the construction industry.

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